The story of Saint-Jean 13

Since our opening in 1998, I have selected with care the brands I work with.

Some are with me from the start and I have added some regularly over the years.

I always offer brands that I truly like.

It is always a real pleasure to find pieces that will please you and make your personality shine; to select the perfect basics that you will be able to enjoy season after season and mix with signature fashion piece. But above all, it is my pleasure to share my crush for new brands.

I choose them according to a criteria that is for me a guarantee of quality and well-being: beauty of lines, quality of fabrics and leathers, originality or simplicity.

We opened our “Outlet fashion” store in 2009!

2 steps away from Saint-Jean 13 store…

You will have the opportunity to get a great deal in our store located 26 rue de la Colombiere.

All year long, you will be seduced by new items with exceptional prices (from 50 to 70% off).

We offer a wide choice of models in very small numbers, all chosen from the high range of ready to wear.

We mix nice fabrics, comfort and design with small details that make all the difference;  a selected range of seasonal accessories, belts, handbags, shoes, are proposed to  match perfectly the collection.

We suggest to combine simplicity and sobriety with fantasy, inviting you to feel your true self.

Hope to see you soon!

Nicole Venzi

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